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In order to help sustain the vibrant environment for startups and to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to be successful at scale, we join forces with our partners and help their programs. In order to help sustain the vibrant environment for startups and to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to be successful at scale, we join forces with our partners and help their programs.


UpWest Labs was founded in January 2012 in Silicon Valley as the only accelerator program in the US serving Israeli entrepreneurs. The accelerator provides a mentorship-based 3-month program, offering startups a small seed investment, essential resources, and access to a robust network of experts, customers and capital. Through the program, Israeli entrepreneurs are able to build their product closer to their market, establish strong partnerships and create valuable product momentum. Mentors at UpWest Labs include executives from leading US companies such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, as well as Israeli CEOs and leading Angels and VCs.

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The Zell Entrepreneurship Program

The Zell Entrepreneurship Program, in its twelfth year, is an innovative venture creation program that provides outstanding students in their final year at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, a year of customized learning and invaluable practical experience in taking a business idea through implementation and launch. The program generously funded by Sam Zell of Chicago, guides students through team formation, ideation and venture development. The venture creation process is complemented by courses in advanced entrepreneurial subjects including a lecture series by entrepreneurs and periodic panel presentations of the student ventures to the business community for real-world feedback. Student teams are helped along the entrepreneurial journey with the guidance of program faculty, an industry expert business mentor and a network of alumni. Different from accelerators in scope and purpose, the program has nevertheless served as a launch pad for numerous ventures and many entrepreneurs.

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The Junction

The Junction is an open house for entrepreneurs, uniquely creating a "pay-it-forward" acceleration model. Each member gets their own desk space, internet & as much coffee as they can drink. But the Junction is more than just a work space for entrepreneurs. It is a community of creativity, productivity, and innovation, where regular office hours and talks by leading entrepreneurs and executives are provided, free of charge.The Junction is the leading space in Israel for early stage ventures to get a place that they can call their own. It’s a place where magic is created.

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IDC Elevator

DC Elevator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program investing in early phase Israeli start-ups. There are two cohorts a year, each lasting for 4 months. The final month takes place in NYC. Each startup receives a package of perks worth up to $140,000. IDC Elevator invests $20,000 in cash and the rest in essential services. The program takes up to 10% equity.

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SifTech, the Jerusalem Entrepreneurship Center, is a non-profit organization established in March 2012 under the sponsorship of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its Students Body. SifTech’s vision is to develop Jerusalem's economy through empowering the young, educated, innovative, and diverse entrepreneurs in the city. The center’s goal is to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, which connects between the private business sector and the academic institutions in Jerusalem. By creating an entrepreneurship community in Jerusalem, SifTech aims to enable entrepreneurs to establish their initiatives in the city.

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TheHive by Gvahim

TheHive by Gvahim is the entrepreneur arm of Gvahim, a non-profit organization helping highly skilled olim develop their professional ambitions in Israel. TheHive operates two accelerator programs in Tel-Aviv and Ashdod helping entrepreneurs, new immigrants and returning citizens, create and develop their startups in Israel from an idea to a viable business.

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Recanati Business School

Recanati Business School MBA in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management is a two-year program that focuses on initiating and managing technology-oriented companies. The Program offers core MBA courses and program-specific courses such as technology innovation, entrepreneurship, developing new products in the digital economy, marketing consumer products in the global market, business opportunities in cyber, management of R&D, innovation and design thinking, master classes in entrepreneurship and innovation, consumer motivation and digital marketing, and more. In addition to the academic courses, students enjoy a variety of workshops during semester breaks, guest talks and company visits throughout the year, networking events, collaborative activities with leading players in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem and an exchange program with universities abroad. The program is taught by distinguished professors from Tel Aviv University as well as leading lecturers from the Israeli industry and guest lecturers from abroad.

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The Tel Aviv Angel Group

The Tel Aviv Angel Group is composed of several pioneers and industry leaders from around the world who are interested in the success of innovative, disruptive Israeli technology start-ups. The members of the Tel Aviv Angel Group extend their personal business experience and connections to the group's portfolio companies.

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MEET is an innovative technology and entrepreneurship program aimed at educating and empowering tomorrow's most promising Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Working together with MIT since 2004, MEET's goal is to develop an active professional network among its excelling students while empowering them individually and as a group to create positive change within their own communities. MEET's program is an intense three-year computer science, business, and leadership program for excelling youth from the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Nazareth area. In 2012 MEET launched a venture lab in Jerusalem to incubate social and business ventures led by MEET alumni.

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